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Do You Understand Paid 1 900 Phone Calls
This Is Not Your Dads 900 Number
Why Do 1-900 Numbers Have An Imperfect Image
A Glance Into The 900 Phone Call Industry

When you think of 1-900 numbers, what pops into your head? I’m just guessing, but Presidential debates, Tylenol poisoning, and/or great American Football are probably not at the top of the list. Well, that’s how it all began way back in the Big Hair Band days, circa 1980.

Following a Presidential sparring match In 1980, for a mere fifty cents you were granted the privilege to call a special 900 number service set up by AT&T, and vote for whoever you thought made less of an ass of himself.

As a way to make 900 numbers an affordable marketing tool, AT&T began sharing part of the profits generated from the service. Early on, commissions were small, only amounting to a few cents. This small gesture caught the attention of many entrepreneurs outside of the corporate world. Ultimately, and, quite unexpectedly, interest in offering information services through a pay per call system opened new doors. The demand was high enough to initiate total reconstruction in the industry.

sexy girlLimitations on per call fees were relaxed, so, instead of vendors making a nickel for every phone call, they now had the potential to make a thousand times that much per call. What do you suppose happened next - now that marketers could offer a more appealing service that would actually pay real wages? All they would have to do is promote and get a few incoming phone calls to a 1-900 number.

I won’t be so bold as to say sex drugs and rock and roll took the 900 circuit by storm- but, if I did - it wouldn’t’ be that far off the mark. Popular services such as and are still there today! I guess you can’t label phone sex numbers as prostitution since no body parts are touching. But, for some reason, callers weren’t put off by the lack of physical contact. Talking sex behind a locked bedroom door was selling like hot cakes.

Anti-phone-sex campaigners began stirring the pot by filing complaints, starting law suits, and swarming the industry with lessons on moral behavior. A lot of effort was put into blocking the naughty 900 chit chat, most of which was in vain. However, it was not a complete waste of time as it prompted federal laws to tighten the reigns on the 900 number money-horse.

phone sexThis decision was a positive reinforcement. Instead of Rated-R materials saturating the market, there came more variety. Jokes, horoscopes and astrology, game shows, celebrity soaps, NASA, sports, and physics began entertaining the nation by way of 900 call services.

The restrictions on setting up and running an entertaining 900 number business are not designed to discourage proprietors. The rules are fair and in place to protect the consumer and the vendor. Before the charges start racking up, the caller must be warned ahead of time. It seems silly to tell a customer who knew in advance that there would be fees involved, that they have just called a 900 premium number which will be billed to them if they do not hang up the phone in three seconds. The customer must be 18.

The warning message is a silly safeguard for all the dunces out there, but it also insures that the vendor will be paid and not charged back. Of course, some chargebacks do occur. For example, you’re at work and somebody climbed up the fire escape to the fourth floor where your apartment is - and wouldn’t you know it? - They broke into your pad and used your phone to call a 900 number. Sure, that’s what probably happened, as you’re positive that nobody that lives in the apartment would have done such an immoral thing- BAH! Okay, it’s a lame story, but it serves as an exemplary purpose.

Unfortunately, some 900 toll calls will be wrongly disputed and reversed. It’s also unfortunate when charges are disputed for rational reasons. Either way, this means the vendor will not be paid for the call. This might seem like a trivial loss, but it’s more than that. When the 900 number phone line is in use, the vendor is responsible for paying the phone company who leases out the service to them. The head honcho must be paid, even if the caller opposes the bill, else it‘s bye-bye toll call business. Too bad!

After an onslaught of 900 call fees being reversed, somebody came up with the bright idea to completely block outgoing calls to 1 900 services. This seems like an extreme and unfair way to protect a phone line. It’s like banning fruit salad from the supper table just because grandma is allergic to cherries. Every can of fruit salad has at least one cherry inside. So, since nobody wants to take responsibility, or it seems way too risky - we’ll just deprive ourselves all together.

Of course, extreme measures are sometimes necessary. It only makes sense to prohibit outgoing 900 service calls if there is a family member abusing the privileges. You could call the phone company and dispute the 1-900 toll call(s). It‘s possible that they will understand the situation and reverse the charges. Too bad (again!) for the vendor.

phone sexThe phone company will probably insist that a 1 900 number call block be put in place on the phone. They certainly don’t want a customer to call back every month expecting a refund on 1-900 call charges. Mistakes happen, but there’s no need to make the phone company think you’re insane! Of course, 1-900 phone calls can be prevented in the first place by simply letting the phone company know in advance that access is not needed.

Premium phone number services are spread across the globe. Each country has its own set of rules. American’s seem to have it nailed down to an amicable science. It’s interesting that Brazil did away with using the 900 premium numbers all together, rebuilding the system to charge premium toll call fees to mobile phone callers. No cell phone, then no entertaining toll calls. In the US, mobile phones do their own thing, and aren’t set up to access any 900 services, but I don’t think the 900 calling industry is any danger. It will be a long time before cell phones take over the world.

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